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Our Main Product: Synology Servers

Synology’s servers offers a library of apps for business and homes, a free cloud service, a complete multimedia platform, web hosting, powerful RAID backup, NVR, extensive virtualization support and so much more. Will be more than you expect.

This video will help you understand exactly what a Synology Server can do for you:

  • Synology Server
    • Synology Server

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Sale and Installation

We can provide the right server according to your needs for your business or home and don’t worry about the configuration we will take care of everything. Your data will be safe at all time with a Synology Server

Setup and Migration

You already bought a server Synology? We can help you with the setup and data migration so you can have access to your data anywhere all the time. We help you to control the data to all the employees in your company. You are going to have the control.

Maintenance / Cloud Storage

Looking a Cloud Storage Solution for a low price? We can help you! Check our plans

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Video Production Solutions

Video Production Solutions No Boundaries Ease of Use Value & Longevity Workflow Ideas Contact Us1080p, 2K, 4K, or 6K; Network Accessible Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides a secure, reliable, and affordable backup and file sharing solution for VFX, production, or mastering your projects. With an easy-to-use award-winning web-based management interface, a Synology NAS brings

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Synology Hybrid RAID

  Redundant Protection with Synology Hybrid RAID RAID protects your files by creating redundant copies on one or more hard drives. That means, photos and files remain intact, even if one of the hard drives breaks. For those who are technologically-challenged, Synology Hybrid RAID provides a hassle-free RAID solution that optimizes storage capacity and redundancy

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Are you using any cloud services like: Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Mega, icloud….?

Are you using any cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud provider? …. But you need more space and also a local server to setup all the access to your employees or you just want an extra local backup? We can help you to: Migrate all the data than you have in

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What Our Client Say

Arnold showed me so many features and new ways that I can use my server. I feel I made a good investment and the consulting is worth every penny

I use only use the server for backup…

( Graphic Designer - Freelancer )

Now I feel so secure after 3DM, help me to setup and commissioning my server Synology

Data finally safe !

( General Manager - ONG )

They can help remotely to fix or explain any issue or question...

Good service response

( Manager IT )

Meet Our Greatest Partnery

I believe the data is one of the most important asset in a company or for every single person. For that only reason all that data have to store in the best place... I think that place is a Synology Server...and I can help you to Setup, Migrate and Commissioning the system in your entire company